„The Pusher“ von Simon`s Custom, ist ein nützliches Werkzeug für Profi Schrauber und alle Menschen die gerne gutes Werkzeug besitzen. Die Pushrod Clips können damit bei vielen Harley Modellen sicher eingesetzt werden. Durch die Seitliche Führung und die geringe Dicke des Pusher können die Clips unter der Federspannung nicht verrutschen und müssen nicht wie mit dem Schraubendreher der üblicherweise dafür benutzt wird, unter starkem überspannen reingewürgt werden. Einfache Handhabung, Funktionales Design. Brünnierter Stahl für lange Lebensdauer. Mit der Lederhülle von Son of a Gun, Heritage Leather, ist der „Pusher“ ein ideales Geschenk.

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SIMON´S CUSTOM vertreibt Deutschland-Exklusiv den BITCH SWITCH von FLYING CHOPPERS
Was ist und was kann der BITCH SWITCH?
Nun, lassen wir FLYING CHOPPERS selbst erzählen wie es zum BITCH SWITCH gekommen ist.

Back in the days there were no limits in bitching, none what so ever...

After hundreds and hundreds of working hours, huge amounts of spent money and effort beyond any humane tolerance, finally everything is ready to meet the expectations of the perfection! No compromises. Only the absolutely best was good enough... And still Your machine is bitching to our face?!?! That masterpiece of industrial revolution finds again and again new ways to act like a true bitch... But there´s a limit what a man can take and boundaries one should never cross! 

But now we have finally found and create a perfect solution to this infuriating problem! 


This main switch was invented after thousands, tens of thousands miles on the road. It was invented to satisfy the true need of a more roadworthy device to control electricity in a vehicle... Ignitions are not strong enough to take all the beating and dust they suffer. Bitch Switch will handle all situations where your typical ignition fails and it gives you an opportunity to kill your bitching machine with a simple turn of a key! This device is suitable for all vehicles and with 24V/ 75A it´s as reliable as your best buddy. Where to install it is your own choice, but it will fit in Harley-Davidson classic big twin (Knucklehead, Panhead, Early-Shovelhead) primary drive cover inspection hole like a glove. You can use it as a main switch, ignition switch, light switch, you name it!


Bitch Switch is cast made in Flying Choppers workshop, the wooden delivery box with engraved ”Bitch Switch” burn mark and the pictures in the instruction booklet are also self made. This is to guarantee that no bull shit materials like plastic or such are used in any stage of the process. The only part of the Bitch Switch that is not made in our dungeon is the switch itself. This is because even though we feel totally capable of doing it ourselves, we wanted to give you and your ride 100% safety with professionally made electrical switch.


Bitch Switch is a product for men who appreciates old school craftsmanship!

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Motorständer für Twincam B Motoren ab Bj. 2000 mit Ausgleichswellen. Orange Pulverbeschichtet

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